Raising a complaint

Telling the business about your complaint

Before you can bring a complaint to us you must:

Raise your complaint
If you are unhappy with a product or service you should tell the company that provided it and explain what you would like as a resolution. Escalate your complaint if necessary. 

Gather evidence
Make a note of any contact you have with the company and save any emails or letters. This will be used as evidence to support your case if it is brought to us. The type of information you should note might include the time and dates of conversations, the name of the person/s you spoke to and a record of what was said.

Give the company a chance to fix it
The company must have a reasonable opportunity to resolve your complaint and you must have exhausted their internal complaints procedure. It is better for you and the company if the dispute can be resolved quickly and without our intervention.

Still unhappy? Contact us
If you remain dissatisfied with the company you can register your complaint with us by completing the online form. We will contact the company and attempt to reach a resolution that you are both satisfied with. We may ask you to provide evidence to support your case and we will keep you informed of our progress.

Telling the ombudsman about your complaint

If you would prefer someone else/a third party (eg lawyer or legal advisor) to handle your complaint with Ombudsman Services for you, we can make arrangements with you to do this, although you are not obliged to use by a third party.

Register your complaint

Before you contact us you should give the company you are complaining about a reasonable opportunity to resolve the issue. If you remain dissatisfied, you can contact us via the following:

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