The Consumer Ombudsman process

Our process

We ensure our services are widely accessible. We base our decisions on what is fair and reasonable. When we make a decision we take into account:

  • both sides of the story; 
  • regulatory rules, guidance and standards;
  • codes of practice, relevant law and regulations; and
  • what is accepted as good industry practice. We aim to find quick and realistic resolutions to your complaint which you and the company both agree on. 

You can withdraw from the process at any point. If you choose not to accept our decision, your (the complainant) legal rights remain unaffected and you can take the matter to court - subject to any requirements set by the courts. 


There is a deadline for bringing a complaint to us

We can only deal with complaints about goods or services that were purchased on or after 1 January 2015. You must tell the business involved in your dispute about your complaint within 12 months from the date you purchased the product or service; or, if a deadlock letter has been issued, within 12 months of the deadlock letter.


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