Complaint resolutions

Reaching a resolution

If a company is willing to work with us to resolve your complaint and provide a complaint file we will aim to reach a resolution within 90 days of receiving the file. We will keep you informed of our progress.

If both you and the company agree to our resolution, the proposed resolution will be binding on the company. If you choose not to accept our decision, your (the complainant) legal rights remain unaffected and you can take the matter to court - subject to any requirements set by the courts.

If a company is unwilling to work with us - or we cannot reach a resolution that you are both satisfied with - we will give advice about your options. This may be contacting an organisation like Citizens Advice or Trading Standards, or taking your complaint to a small claims court.

Financial awards

If we decide that a participating company has made a mistake, treated you unfairly or that the goods or services supplied were not fit for purpose, we may require an award that returns you to the position you would be in had the mistake not occurred. We take into account the contractual agreement between you and the company. We can also require a participating company to apologise for the time you have spent and the trouble the company has caused as a result of the dispute. As part of this, we may require the company to make a payment to you in recognition of the problems it has caused. We can award up to £25,000 to put a problem right.

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